Sep 22

Mahbub Murad

A Paragraph about Passing Leisure Time

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How do I spend my pastime

       Pastime actually means spending one`s free or leisure time pleasantly. But often people mistake pastime to be the time spent in doing mundane or useless works. It is not a logical thinking. Pastime necessarily does not have to be misuse of time. Pastime is to catch up with one’s hobbies. Pastime depends and varies from people to people. It is entirely one`s own choice and decision as on how to spend his/her pastime. When it comes to me, I have got some two-three favourite pastimes to be honest. Among my pastimes two are very dominant and close to my heart. I often spend my pastime with those two activities. The foremost one of the two is reading books. Fiction is more preferable to me. My favorite authors in fiction are Agatha Christie, Md. Jafar Ikbal, Humayun Ahmed etc.. Of course, Sherlock Holmes is always a all time favorite of not only mine but also many. I will always continue reading as the best way of spending a pastime. This is one of the best constructive ways and hobbies. I have been benefitted from this pastime of mine a lot. My English vocabulary, grammar, writing style, writing efficiency has improved unimaginably. After reading books listening to music is my second favourite pastime. Evergreen songs are all time favorite of mine. Singers like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle. Also I like musics of A.R.Rehman. Music is believed to have and work as healing therapy. It works miraculously when one is going through some kind of stress, tension, in short of any kind of mental disturbances. Music refreshes mind. These are the two favorite activities which are my ideal way of pastime. These are constructive and informative ways of spending time.  These two are my faourite pastime. And I enjoy these two pastimes. I also like to watch television and visit many nice places. However, leisure should be significant for everyone.    

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Mahbub Murad

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