Sep 20

Mahbub Murad

A Paragraph about An Ideal Student

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An Ideal Student

     The student, who is sincere in studies, good in nature, modest in behavior, honest in thought and action, obedient to parents and superiors, disciplined in habit, is considered as an ideal student. He always gives much importance in acquiring knowledge and attending all the good qualities. He performs his duties to God, to his parents and society. Generally, he is sociable and hardworking and he loves his country. Similarly, he is seen to take part in games and sports as well as other curricular activities. Again, he is very friendly and co-operative with his classmates and friends. He always tries to assist the weak students in learning the lessons. He shows much respect to his parents, teachers, and seniors. He is ready to carry out their all instructions. Similarly, he leads a strictly disciplined life and spends the highest amount of time in the acquisition of knowledge. In a word, an ideal student reflects all the good qualities and presents him as a role model for other students.   

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Mahbub Murad

Mahbub Murad

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