Sep 10

Mahbub Murad

A Paragraph about a Street Accident

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                           A Street Accident

A street accident is a regular phenomenon in the highways and cities of our country. Every year it kills hundreds of lives. The indirect effect of this invisible monster is the downfall and untold suffering of hundreds of thousands of other people who are family members of those victims. A number of factors are responsible for this mishap including the inattentiveness of drivers, the working of a driver over too long a time at a stretch, the bad conditions of the streets, and most importantly, the maudlin competitiveness of the drivers. In Bangladesh, every day we find the news of road accident in our daily newspapers and the screen of television. It really makes us very shocked. Last month I faced such type of pathetic road accident. It occurred in Mirpur road near Kolabagan bus stand. When I was standing on the road and waiting for the bus. Then I saw a little boy who was trying to cross the busy road. When he was crossing the road at that time a bus was coming towards him with a great speed. But within a short time, it ran over the body of the boy and at once the boy was seriously injured. After sometimes when he was taken to the hospital, the doctor declared him death. Really, it made me more pathetic and I cannot forget it easily.


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Mahbub Murad

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  1. pappi sharma

    it is very nice parragraph

  2. Mahtab khan

    nice paragraph sir

  3. Safa

    it was all good.

  4. Rivas

    Nice paragraph but there are some grammatical mistakes such as ‘the doctor declared him as death’ which should be ‘the doctor declared him dead’. ‘At once the boy was seriously injured’ is also grammatically incorrect..

  5. Atia Sanzida Rahman

    It’s a very helpful paragraph….keep posting these types of things…Good Luck..;)

    1. Mahbub Murad
      Mahbub Murad

      Thanks dear Atia Rahman for sharing your expression and visiting my site… I will try my best to upload these types of writings…

  6. Zaima yeaqin Khan

    I need Only street accident paragraph

  7. Trishna Koli

    This paragraph is really good. But it’s conclusion is not so good.

  8. Mohuwa


  9. Safiul Azam

    Please add me your educare

  10. Safiul Azam

    Thanks for help us

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