Sep 09

Mahbub Murad

A Paragraph about A School Magazine

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                                School Magazine


  Generally, a school magazine is a magazine that contains writings of the teachers and the students of a school and it is published once a year. The aim of this publication is to encourage young learners to flourish their hidden talents and creative faculties. It gives a view of the life of the school and exposes the creative genius of the students. It contains stories, poems, articles, jokes written by students and teachers. The publication of a school magazine is a very difficult task. As a result, the editor and his assistants have to work hard to publish the magazine. Generally, the magazine committee invites writings from students and teachers. The editorial board selects the qualified ones for printing. The young writers get immense pleasure and confidence when they can see their writings in print. The most important is that it brings out the latent creative talents of the students and thus helps them to be great writers. It is also a treasure island to the students because they can learn many things from the school magazine. So a school magazine bears great importance in every educational institution and it is a part and parcel of school life.


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Mahbub Murad

Mahbub Murad

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  1. নোভা

    Thank you for add this paragraph it’s help me very much

    1. Mahbub Murad
      Mahbub Murad


  2. mardia

    this website is very helpful for me…….

  3. Towhidur Rahman

    sir please make the paragraphs a bit longer .. these are to much short to write on exam paper…
    it’ll be very helpful if you make the contents a bit longer..
    thank you.😃

    1. Leon

      @Towhidur Rahman there are word limitations for a paragraph. I don’t know what examination you are talking about.But as a student of the 10th grade, the length of this paragraph meets my need as much as it does for the most of the people.

  4. Ahmed Imtiaz Hadi

    this is very good but if you make the paragraph longer it will be helpful and proper…..

  5. procodgaming

    Tnx a lot for writing things paragraph!!! It helped me a lot….

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