Apr 10

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a letter to your friend who has been ill for some days

Write a letter to your friend who has been ill for some days.

25 May, 2013.

35-B, Bashabo


Dear Lubna,

I am very shocked to know that you have been suffering from kidney troubles for some days. It gives me much pain. I hope you are much better that before by the grace of almighty Allah.

Please do not worry about your physical condition. I have heard that your doctor is hopeful that you will be cured fully after treatment. He also says, your one kidney is totally good and another is partially affected. I think it will be better for you to follow the instruction of the doctor and take medicine moderately. You should also take your meal regularly. I will come very soon to see you.   

I pray to almighty Allah for your better health. May Allah help you to bear the troubles.

Your loving friend


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