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A letter to your friend describing your visit to St. Martin’s Island

Suppose you are Abir and you live in Dhaka. Your friend Tanvir, who lives in Sylhet, has wanted to know about your visit to St. Martin’s Island. Now write a letter to your friend describing your visit to St. Martin’s Island.

 15th March, 2013

35/B, Mugdapara

Dhaka 1214

Dear Tanvir,

I have just received your letter. In your letter you wanted to know about my visit to the Martin’s Island. Now I am telling you about it. 

Last summer vacation I went to visit the St. Martin’s Island with my parents. It is a small island. The local name of the island is “Narikel Jinjira” which means Coconut Island. We saw beautiful coral of different shapes and colours in the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. We also saw coral reef, turtles and variety of sea fishes. The natural scenery of the Island is really enjoyable and it attracted me much. 

No more today, convey my salam to your parents and love to your younger.

Your loving friend


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    Thanks for the help bro!

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