Apr 21

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A Letter about your friend’s family

Write a letter to your father/mother/sister/brother about your friend’s family.


25 March, 2013

35/4, Bashabo, Dhaka

My dear sister,

I have received your letter just now. In your letter you have wanted to know about my friend’s family. Now I am writing you about it.

You know in my class Riya is my best friend. She comes from a rich family. Her parents both are educated. Her father works in a private company and her mother is a teacher of a govt. high school. She has only a brother and a sister. Her elder brother’s name is Abir. He is a student of nine and her younger sister’s name is Risha. She is also a student of class two. In fact, they are a happy family.

No more today, convey my salam to the parents.


Your loving sister


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