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M. Murad

A Letter about your Flue

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Suppose, you are Rita and you are having flue. So you can’t go to school. Now write a letter to your friends about your illness.

20 March. 2013

14, Mugdapara Dhaka.

Dear Friends,

How are you? I’m not well. I’m having flu. I have a runny nose, cough, sore throat and fever. I also have headache and pain all over my body. Although I’m feeling better now, I still feel weak and bored. I can’t ask you to come in my house because 1 don’t want you to be sick. But I can have letters. Please write to me back soon. What’s new with you? How are things at school please inform me.

 Your loving friend





Dhaka, Bangladesh

To,                   stamp

Riana and others

Class V, Ideal School, Dhaka

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