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Mahbub Murad

A letter about the rules of good health

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10th September 2013

12 Mugdapara, Dhaka

Dear Nabil,

I am pained to learn from father’s letter that your health is growing from bad to worse day by day. He has expressed great anxiety about your health. You must be very careful about your health.

In order to improve your health you must obey the laws of health. In the first place you must take light food. Never over eat yourself. You must not drink water with your food. Take your evening meal two or three hours before going to bed. Secondly, you must take exercise, take healthy foods moderately, and drink pure water and milk daily. Similarly, you have to brush your teeth and take a bath daily because bad teeth bring on indigestion. Fourthly, you have to go to bed early and get up early. At the same rate, you should avoid over work because it is harmful for health. At last, you should give up smoking. If you observe these rules, your health will improve in a short time.

Now I hope you will try your best to maintain the rules and regulations to make you healthy and wealthy.

Yours affectionately,       


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  1. Ekramul Hossain Rafin

    I like this☺

  2. Mahbub Murad
    Mahbub Murad


    1. mahir

      Please small this letter.

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