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Mahbub Murad

A letter about the importance of reading newspaper

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A letter about the importance of reading newspaper

11th September, 2013

25, Mugda, Dhaka

Dear Mahir,

I hope you are well and I am also well by the grace of almighty Allah. I became very shocked when I have heard from mother that you are not interested in reading newspaper regularly.

I think it’s really very bad for me because through daily newspaper you can keep yourself in close contact of everyday world which will help you to grow up as smart and intelligent boy. Similarly, you should bear in mind that newspaper is the store house of knowledge. So, the importance of reading newspaper beggars description. Again, the paper is not only for news but also for entertainment. It can provide you cartoons, puzzles, rhymes, poems, short-stories, paintings, jokes and many other entertainments. Moreover it will help you to be thoughtful. From now, I hope you will read the daily newspaper regularly.

No more today, convey my Salam to father and mother and love to the youngers. 

Your loving brother,


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Mahbub Murad

Mahbub Murad

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