Oct 26

Mahbub Murad

A Letter about the benefit of reading newspaper

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Write a letter to your brother telling him the benefit of reading newspaper and advising him to read newspaper regularly.

13/A, Bashabo,
November 10, 2013
My Dear Rased,
 I have just received mother’s letter. From her letter I have heard that you are not interested in reading newspaper regularly. Really, the news makes me very shocked. You should bear in mind that newspaper is the store house of knowledge.
The importance of reading newspaper beggars description because it provides the news of home and abroad. It also provides the news of politics, economics, business, sports, new invention etc. It is very necessary for the students because by reading it he or she can enrich his or her basic knowledge and he can make himself confident about any topic. A students lags behind if he does not read newspaper daily.  This is why you must form the habit of reading newspaper. Now I think you have realized the importance of it.
No more today, convey my Salam to father and mother and love to the youngers.
Your brother
13/A, Bashabo, Dhaka
Ramgong, Lakshmipur

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Mahbub Murad

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  1. Anushpa nandy

    I like this letter very much.

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