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Mahbub Murad

A letter about the annual prize giving ceremony of your school

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A letter to your friend describing the annual prize giving ceremony of your school


22 Manda, Dhaka

July 10, 2014


Dear Muna,
I have just received your letter. In your letter you wanted to know about the annual prize-giving ceremony of our school. Now I am writing about it.


The prize-giving ceremony of our school was held on 2nd April our school compound. We decorated the school building nicely. The function began just at 10 am with recitation from the holy Quran. The T. N. O. was the chief guest. Our headmaster read out the annual report of our school. Then the main ceremony began. The principal called each recipient by name and the president gave away the prizes and shook him by the hands. I got two prizes. At last we staged a short drama to entertain the guests. The day was really great enjoyable for us.


Convey my good wishes to your parents. I shall be highly pleased if you give me a short description of yours.


Yours ever

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