Apr 10

Md Shakhawat Hossain

A Journey by Plane

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                                               A Journey by Plane 

Recently, I underwent a journey by plane from Dhaka to Chittagong. It was my first journey by plane. Having summer vacation I got an opportunity to meet my elder brother living in Chittagong. He sent me an air ticket. However, on the scheduled day I went to the airport an hour earlier and after all the formalities being completed I was given a boarding card. Then I got into the plane. The captain announced that he would soon be starting. I felt my tension rising. After a pause, the plane started taxiing. Then slowly it began to race down the runway and after a while with a jerk, it took off. I looked down from my window and saw buildings, people and trees looking like miniatures. The roads and streets seemed to be snake. The rivers, canals also seemed to be so. I saw the soft white clouds floating by. They looked like huge cotton balls. I felt like touching the clouds. They seemed to fly along with our plane. However, within the very shortest time I along with other passengers reached our destination safe and sound. The experience I gathered by undergoing the journey is memorable.

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Md Shakhawat Hossain

Md Shakhawat Hossain

i'm shakhawat who would like to spread knowledge among the learners.


  1. Mahbub Murad
    Mahbub Murad

    Thanks for sharing such type of paragraph. It will be beneficial for the learners.

    1. Md Shakhawat Hossain
      Md Shakhawat Hossain


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