Aug 26

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A Dialogue on Visiting a Place of Historical Interest

 A dialogue between two friends on visiting a place of historical interest.

Friend :AssalamuAlaikum.

Myself :WalaikumAssalam.

Friend : How are you my friend?

Myself : Alhamdulillah and you?

Friend : Mash Allah I am Ok.

Myself : Where did you go last week?

Friend : I went to Bagerhat last week.

Myself : But why?

Friend : Just to pay a visit .

Myself : But why Bagerhat?

Friend : It is a place of historical interest.

Myself: Is there anything related to history?

Friend : Sure! Have you heard the name of Khanjahan Ali?

Myself : Yes, He was a great saint in this subcontinent.

Friend : Do you know the full name of Khanjahan Ali?

Myself : Actually I don’t know. What is that?

Friend : His full name was Ulug Khan jahan Ali.

Myself : What did you visit there?

Friend : I visited Shat Gumbuj Mosque, Ghora Dighi, and the majar of Khanjahan Ali.

Myself : What did you enjoy most?

Friend : It was the Shat Gumbuj Mosque, the best architectural creation of Khan Jahan Ali.

Myself : What did he build there more?

Friend : He made a vast tank of sweet water by the side of his majar for the local people. There were two crocodiles named ‘Kala Pahar and Dhala Pahar.’ But they are no more now.

Myself : Thank you for sharing your experience about visiting a place of historical interest.

Friend: Thank you also.

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