Aug 08

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A Dialogue on the Preparation of the JSC Exam

  A dialogue between two friends on the preparation of the JSC Exam

Myself : Hello friend! How are you?

Friend :  I am fine and you?

Myself :I am also fine but somewhat busy.

Friend : But why?

Myself : My preparation of the exam is not good.

Friend : What is your problem?

Myself : I am afraid of the exam.

Friend : What do you mean?

Myself : I mean I have not yet completed my course. Have you?

Friend : Yes, I have completed all my courses.

Myself : What can I do now, my friend?

Friend : Don’t worry. Be regular in study, you will be able to complete your course.

Myself: I have a particular problem.

Friend: What is that?

Myself: It is mathematics. I cannot understand it.

Friend: You may go to Shohel Sir. What about English?

Myself: No problem.

Friend: It’s very good.

Myself :  Pray for me.

Friend :  Of course.

Myself : Thank you my friend.

Friend :  You are most welcome.

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Hasan Hafizur Rahman

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