Aug 08

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A Dialogue on the Importance of Tree Plantation

A dialogue between two friends on the importance of tree plantation.

Myself: AssalamuAlaikum.

Friend: WalaikumAssalam. How are you?

Myself:  Alhamdulillah. What about you?

Friend: Well by the grace of Allah.

Myself: Where are you going now my friend?

Friend: I am going to the nursery.

Myself: Nursery! But why?

Friend: To buy sapling.

Myself: What will you do with the sapling?

Friend : Tree plantation.

Myself: Please explain.

Friend: Trees are the most important element of our environment. It supplies oxygenand receives

carbon dioxide that we always leave.

Myself: What more?

Friend: Tree keeps our ecological balance, protects river erosion, provides sheds to our beasts and birds.

Myself: Does it play any role of filling the demand of food?

Friend: Sure. It supplies us with all kinds of food we eat.

Myself: I am agree with you. But I see something more than oxygen and food.

Friend: What are those?

Myself:Furniture, fuel and medicine. All these are the part and parcel of our daily life.

Friend: I am grateful to you for sharing your valuable views and ideas.

Myself: Thank you my friend.

Friend: You are most welcome.

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Hasan Hafizur Rahman

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  1. omi

    good writing but not much batter but I thank it is very short. but I am not also say that it is bad try I thank u do much batter next time. at last say that good

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