Dec 02

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A Dialogue on Load Shedding

A dialogue between two friends about load shedding.


Myself : AssalamuAlaikum.

Friend : WalaikumAssalam.

Myself : How are you my friend?

Friend : I am so so.

Myself : But why?

Friend :Don’t you follow the condition of our electricity?

Myself :Yes, but what is the problem?

Friend :Load shedding.

Myself :What is load shedding?

Friend :Load is  discontinuation of supply of electricity.

Myself :Do you mean it the break of electricity?

Friend :Yes, you are right.

Myself :But what is the cause of load shedding?

Friend :Yes, there are many causes of load shedding.

Myself :Please tell me some.

Friend :Mismanagement, corruption, illegal connection, system loss and wastage of

electricity are main causes of load shedding.

Myself :Would you tell me the bad effect of load shedding?

Friend :Production of mills and factories are stopped, things kept in the refrigerator and

cold storage get rotten.

Myself :Now what should we do?

Friend :We should increase the production of electricity.

Myself :Is it enough?

Friend :We also should stop mismanagement, corruption, system loss, illegal

connection of electricity.

Myself :I think you are correct.

Friend :Thank you.

Myself :   Welcome.

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