A Dialogue on Early Rising

A dialogue between two friends about early rising.

Friend :Hi friend, How are you?

Myself :I am fine and you?

Friend :I am also fine.

Myself :Why are you here so early?

Friend :I always get up early in the morning.

Myself :But why?

Friend :I know that early rising is good for health.

Myself :What do you mean?

Friend :I mean it is a good habit.

Myself :What is the benefit of early rising?

Friend :There is much benefit of it.

Myself :Do you explain?

Friend :Why not?

Myself : Please.

Friend :An early riser gets enough time. He can say his morning prayer. He can enjoy

morning air, can take some physical exercise.

Myself :Anything more?

Friend :He can enjoy the chirping of birds, can have a walk on the grass.

Myself :But can he enjoy  the morning sweet bed?

Friend :Do you think it very essential?

Myself :Yes, I like to enjoy morning bed very much.

Friend :But do you know that early rising is more important than morning bed?

Myself :Actually I don’t know. Please tell me some.

Friend :There is a proverb,

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Myself :How fine the verse is!

Friend :Thank you.

Myself: You are most welcome.


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