Oct 29

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A Dialogue on an Exciting Football Match

 A dialogue between two friends on an exciting football match.

Myself : AssalamuAlaikum.

Friend :WalaikumAssalam.

Myself : How are you my friend?

Friend : I am very excited and you?

Myself : Alhamdulillah. But why are you excited?

Friend : My favourite team won the world cup football 2014.

Myself : Do you like football much?

Friend : Yes, I like it most.

Myself :Don’t you like it?

Friend :Of course, I like it.

Myself :Did you watch the match last night?

Friend :Sure!

Myself :How exciting it was!

Friend :Really it was so exciting.

Myself :Which team did you support?

Friend :I supported real Madrid and you?

Myself :Barselona.

Friend :What was the most exciting part of the match to you?

Myself :Scoring the goals of Messi.

Friend :Yes, I was excited very much with the goals of Messi.

Myself :I did not see the match ever as yesterday.

Friend :You have told the right.

Myself :Thank you so much

Friend :Your most welcome.

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