A dialogue between two friends on hobbies

A dialogue between two friends on hobbies

Friend :AssalamuAlaikum.

Myself :WalaikumAssalam.

Friend : How do you do my friend?

Myself : Alhamdulillah, and you?

Friend : Also well.

Myself : Where are you going now?

Friend : I am going to a book shop.

Myself : Do you want to buy any book?

Friend : Yes, you are right. Very often, I buy different kind of books.

Myself : Very often, but why?

Friend : I like to read book very much.

Myself : Is it your hobby?

Friend : Yes, it is my hobby.

Myself : Which book will you buy today?

Friend : I will buy ‘Biswanabi’ by GolamMostafa.

Myself : What is the characteristic of this book?

Friend : I heard that it is the best book to know our prophet and Islamat a glance.

Myself : O, I see.

Friend : But now tell me what is your hobby?

Myself : My hobby is travelling.

Friend : Do you feel interest in travelling?

Myself : Yes, it is very interesting to me because I can achieve practical knowledge bytravelling.

Friend : When do you take travel?

Myself : Whenever I get opportunity.

Friend : Thank you for sharing your hobby.

Myself : Thank you also.

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