Mar 25

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A dialogue between two friends about the plan after JSC exam.


  1. Write a dialogue between two friends about the plan after JSC exam.


Myself : Assalamu Alaikum.

Friend : Walaikum Assalam.


Myself : How are you my friend?

Friend : Alhamdulillah. What about you?

Myself : Well. How are you going on the exam?

Friend : Alhamdulillah, very well and you?


Myself : Very well by the grace of Allah.

Friend : Now what are you planning after the JSC exam?


Myself : I am planning to pass this time having a tour inside the country.

Friend : Ok, it’s a very good idea. But why have you planned so?


Myself : It was a long cherished dream to me. Now tell me what is your plan?

Friend : But my plan is not same like you.


Myself : What is that actually?

Friend : It is about learning English.


Myself : What do you mean?

Friend : I mean, I will learn spoken English as I am somewhat weak in English.


Myself : It’s a very excellent idea.

Friend : Ok. What places will you visit first?


Myself : I think I will start from Bagerhat. First Shat Gumbuj Mosque, Khanjahan Ali’s majar and then Sundarban.

Friend : Ok. I hope you all the success.


Myself : Wish you best of luck.

Friend : Also you.

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