Nov 30

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A Dialogue about Your Aim in Life

A dialogue between two friends about aim in life.


Myself :AssaalamuAlaikum.

Friend :WalaikumAssalam.

Myself :How are you my friend?

Friend :Alhamdulillah and you?

Myself :Mash Allah, I am ok.

Friend :I want to know something from you.


Myself :What is that?

Friend :I mean, I want to know your aim in life.


Myself :Very good. It is a computer engineer.

Friend :But why ?


Myself :I think it most suitable to me.

Friend :Make me understand please.


Myself :You know that it is the age of information, communication technology and science.

Friend :Yes, it is sure. But is it very essential to be a computer engineer for it?


Myself :I think so. Now tell me what is your aim in life?

Friend :My aim in life is to be a president of our country.


Myself :How surprising it is!

Friend :Why surprising? Isn’t it  possible?


Myself :I think it  unthinkable.

Friend :But I don’t think so.


Myself :Why have you thought so?

Friend :I want to make my country corruption free.


Myself :But why ? Is our country corrupted?

Friend :Yes, our country is completely corrupted. It hurts me much.


Myself :Will you follow any leader or president?

Friend :Yes, it is Mahathir Mohammed.


Myself :Ok. Go ahead.

Friend :Thank you for your well wish.

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Md. Hasan Hafizur Rahman

Lecturer & Head of the Department (English)

Campus-5, Cambrian School & College,Dhaka

Mobile: 01556652300

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