Apr 15

Mahbub Murad

A Dialogue about the Necessity of Female Education

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Write a dialogue between two friends about the necessity of female education.


Rana : Hi friend! Would you please discuss the necessity of female education?

Reza : Sure. It is a very important topic for modern world.

Rana : What is the meaning of education?

Reza : Education means the training of a person both mentally and morally.

Rana : Why is the female education so necessary?

Reza : The female education is undoubtedly important because an education nation

depends on an educated mother. In a house a woman plays the most important role.

Rana : How can a woman play the great role?

Reza : You know women were confined to the four walls of their house in the past. Their

duty was cooking, cleaning, washing, giving birth and rearing up children. But

now they are working with men together.

Rana : How can they be helpful getting education?

Reza : They can be helpful for many ways especially for building up a educated nation.

They can earn money to support the family.

Rana : I see. Now I have understood it clearly.

Reza : Remember. To enhance the speed of the development process of the country,

female education is a must.

Rana : Thanks for your discussion.

Reza : You are welcome.

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