Oct 25

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A Dialogue about the importance of games and sports

A dialogue between two friends on the importance of games and sports

 Sahed     : Good afternoon, how are you?

Sadman  : Good afternoon, I am fine. What’s about you?

Sahed     : Not so bad. Where are you going now?

Sadman  : Oh, now I am going to play football with my friends. Will you play with  


Sahed     : Actually, I do not like any type of games and sports. They are  

                 totally disgusting and wasting of time.   

Sadman  : Very sad; you are a good student but you do not know about the

                  importance of games and sports.   

Sahed     : Are they important for us!

Sadman  : Surely, they help us to be active and fresh. They remove all of the

                 disease from our health. They are also a form of good exercise.    

Sahed     : Really, I have made a great mistake. As a result I always remain sick

                 and also weak. But it needs so much time.    

Sadman  : You can play only in the afternoon or when you get free at that time you

                 can play.

Sahed     : So, let’s go. I will also play with you.

Sadman  :  Surely! Come.   

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Mahbub Murad

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  1. Labib

    Good one. But you may increase the length somewhat

  2. Faustino Melcer

    Awesome content 🙂

  3. Venu

    Good stuff

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