Apr 22

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A Dialogue about Passing the Leisure Time

Suppose you are Roni, you are talking with your friend, Reza about passing the leisure time. Now make a request dialogue and response.


A dialogue between Roni and Reza about passing the leisure time 

Roni: Hello! Reza. How are you?

Reza:  Hi! I’m fine. What’s about you?

Roni: I’m fine, too. What are you doing now?

Reza: I’m reading a story book. It’s my favorite pastime.

Roni: Why do you like reading and how do you spend your leisure time?

Reza: Oh! Book gives me much pleasure and different          

         information about different things. Mostly, I spend my

         leisure time by reading different books.

Roni: What types of books do you like most?

Reza: I like science fiction, novel, story books etc.

Roni: Nice!

Reza: Oh! I also like to roam in my leisure. What’s about you?

Roni: I spend my leisure time by gardening. In my garden I have

          planted different types of trees. It gives much pleasure.

Reza: Thanks Roni.

Roni: It’s your pleasure. Bye.

Reza: Bye.



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