Oct 07

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A Dialogue about Load Shedding

Write a dialogue between you and your friend on load shedding.

Myself      :  Hi, how do you do?

My friend : Fine, thank you and you?

Myself      : I am also fine. Have you read today’s newspaper?

My friend : No, but why?

Myself      : There is a report on load shedding.

My friend : Actually, I don’t know much about load shedding. Would  

                   you please tell me something about it?

Myself     : Sure. Load shedding means the discontinuation of electricity.  

                   It occurs when the supply of electricity falls short to the  

                   demand. At present it is one of the greatest problem of our  

                   country. And it is occurring every day and hampering our  

                   daily life.

My friend : What are the reasons behind it?

Myself     : The population of Bangladesh is increasing every day. And   

                   as Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, load shedding is more

                    acute here.

My friend  : Who are the worst sufferer of load shedding?

Myself      : Everyone. But specially the students, patients, housewives,

                    children and the adult people are the worst sufferer of load


My friend : So, what should we do now?

Myself    :  We should at first try to raise public awareness. Then the

                   government should take necessary steps to reduce load   

                    shedding. We should not waste electricity and the

                    government must take steps to establish more power plant.

My friend : Thank you so much for your kind information.

Myself       : Don’t mention. It’s my pleasure.


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