Apr 22

Mahbub Murad

A Dialogue about Introducing Yourself with Others

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Suppose you are Joy and you want to talk with a foreigner whom you don’t know. Now make a request dialogue and response between you and the foreigner.

Joy:               Hello! May I introduce myself?  I’m Joy.

Foreigner:       Hi, I am John Smith. Are you waiting for bus?

Joy:                 Oh, yes. From which country have you come?

Foreigner:      I’m from Australia.

Joy:                 Have you come here for travelling?

Foreigner:    Oh, no. I’m working with an NGO here. I have to travel many places of Bangladesh for doing                          my works    

                        and I’m enjoying the friendliness of Bangladeshis too.

Joy:                How do you feel here?

Foreigner:     I feel great because your country is very beautiful and the natural 

                        scenery of your country attracts me more.

Joy:                 What’s about your country?

Foreigner:       Oh, sure! Our country is also beautiful but it is not as beautiful as 


Joy:                 Well, my bus has come. It’s nice to meet you. Bye!

Foreigner:       Nice to meet you, too. Bye.


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Mahbub Murad

Mahbub Murad

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