Apr 15

Mahbub Murad

A Dialogue about How to Improve in English

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A dialogue between a student and a teacher about how to improve in English.

Student       :        May I ask you a question, Sir?

Teacher      :        Yes, tell me what you want to know.

Student       :        Why can’t I speak English fluently?

Teacher      :        To speak English is merely a practice.

Student       :        What can I do for it, Sir?

Teacher      :        To be a good speaker, you must be a good listener. Remember

that listening is the first skill that enables you to speak fluently.

Student       :        Ho can I do it, sir?

Teacher      :        At first, you must follow your English teacher. Secondly listen

to the dialogues in the English movies. Then try to speak

English day to day life.

Student       :        What else should I do to improve my speaking power?

Teacher      :        You should follow the news reader on TV and radio. You also

try to practice speaking English among your friends. Remember,

practice makes a man perfect.

Student       :        Thank you for your nice suggestion.

Teacher      :        You are welcome.



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