Apr 30

Mahbub Murad

A Dialogue about Answering a Question

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A dialogue between you and your father about answering a question 


Myself:    Good morning, father. How are you?

Father:     Good morning dear. I am fine. What’s about you?

Myself:     I am also fine. Father, are you busy in your work?

Father:     I am not very busy; I am just doing a simple work. Why?

Myself:     I need your help.

Father:     Oh sure! What can I do for you?

Myself:     I am given an assignment about a topic from our English text book but I   

                   do not understand it. Would you tell me about it?    

Father:    Thanks for your curiosity. Ok, bring your book and paper. I will support  you.   

Myself:     Father, you are so great! I am coming back with pen, paper and book.

Father:     Ok, I am waiting for you.



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