May 26

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Transformation of Sentence

Transformation of Sentences

Rule1: Affirmative statments to Negative
Question :
Statement: a. He is a student.
Question: Is he not a student?
or Is he not a student?
b. Statement: They are honest people.
Ques: Are they not honest people?
c. Mitu is an intelligent girl.
Ques: Is Mitu an intelligent girl?
d. The sun rises in the east.
Ques: Does the sun not rise in the east?
e. Mahinur akter monika is a cruel girl.
Ques: Is Mahinur akter monika is not a cruel girl.

2. Negative statement to affirmative Question:
a. Sajuti is not a dishonest man.
Ques: Is Sajuti a dishonest?
b. He is not a good boy.
Ques: Is he a good boy?
c. They are not poor.
Ques: Are they Poor?
d. He does not eat rice.
Ques: Does he eat rice?
e. Habib did not play cricket.
Ques: Did Habib play cricket?
f. Mitu was not reading the book.
Ques: Was Mitu reading a book?
g. we will not eat .
Ques: Will we eat?

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