May 20

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Write a paragraph on Mohakhali Flyover.

Mohakhali Flyover

A flyover is a road . It is built on pillars over another road. Generally a flyover is built in big and busy cities . There is a big queue of traffic causing traffic jam. A flyover is built to avoid traffic jam.
Mohakhali Flyover is such a flyover. It is 1.8 k.m long and 14.63 metres wide. It has a sidewalks. The flyover is built on 51 pillars. Four cars can ply on the flyover at a time. The centre of the flyover is 7 metres high from the ground. A chinese company has constructed it. About 136 crore taka was spent to build the flyover. Now people can go through the flyover .They now can save time.

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Muhammad mazharul islam, B .A (hons in english), M.A(English) , National university.

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