A Short Composition on Computer

A computer is an electronic device. It is one of the gifts of modern science. A computer can take input from the user and process this input data and if need. It follows the instructions unit in which we input. It takes input through keyboard, mouse etc and then it process the input data and give output on display screen and store data if need.

Computer was not invented overnight. It took long time and hard labor to invent computer. A British professor named Charles Babeg invented this machine.

There are three parts in a computer. They are 1. central processing unit 2. Input 3. and output. The central processing unit is the brain of the computer. The input part receives signals and output part gives the result.

Computers are of two kinds- the analogue and the digital. An analogue computer can solve the different problems of mathematics within a short time. A digital computer can do varieties of thing. Now a days a computer means a digital computer.

We use it in every sphere of our life. Now people can get access to many libraries, books, journals and various kinds of information in a minute through a computer. We can not suffer from any communication gap or loneliness, if we have a computer. We use internet through computers for sending mails, keep in touch with friends and family members through various kinds of blogs and social sites such as twitter or Facebook  Thus computer is very important in the present world. Rather, it is a need like a pen or pencil for a student in a school or classroom.

It has lessened our work loads, saved time and energy. It has made our life easy and comfortable. It is a part and parcel of our life.
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  2. This is good I read in class 7 in BAF shaheen college Dhaka. This composition was very helpful for my composition writting contest

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