Apr 15

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Paragraph about A Fixed Price Shop

                                      A fixed price shop

  A shop is very familiar palace to us. Generally it is available in the place where people live or use to move around. There are many kind of shop around us. They have many names like grocery shop, variety store, cosmetics shop etc. But they have two forms. One is fixed price shop and another is variable pricing shop. The term, fixed price shop, is used to mean the price of a good or a service is not subject to bargaining in the shop. The term commonly indicates that an external agent, such as a merchant or the government, has set a price level, which may not be changed for individual sales. In the case of governments, this may be due to  price controls. On the other hand, Variable pricing is a form of pricing of products or services as distinct from a fixed price. Traditional examples include auctions, bargaining, discounts, price skimming, penetration pricing and ‘price shading’ (where the seller may vary the price by a certain amount or percentage as required). Stock markets and foreign exchange markets are based in variable pricing, with pricing models generally becoming more sophisticated driven in part by reduced transaction costs using modern information technology; notably examples include yield management and pricing. Finally it is clear to us that the fixed price shop is good because all the buyers take a thing at the same price from it. 

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