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Model question for j.s.c exam

                                          Model Test For J.S.C Exam    

                                            English Second Paper              

 Full Marks: 50                                                                                                                                  Time :1 hour 30 minutes


Part – A : Grammar (30 minutes)

1. Use article where necessary. Put a cross mark where an article is not needed. 3

A letter is (a). . . . form of composition. It is (b)…… important form of communication, which plays a vital role in our practical life. By this time, (c)…… revolution has taken place in the field of communication like (d)…. telephone, wireless, cellular phones, fax and most recently (e) …… email, which are much faster means of communication. The fax and the email are also the forms of (f)…… letter, but they lack permanence.
Ans: a.a; b.an; c. a; d. the; e. the; f.a

2. Complete the following passage with suitable prepositions.

I am a student (a)….. class 8. I have a daily routine (b)….. work. I get up early (c)….. the morning. I go (d)…. my reading room and prepare my lessons. (e)…. 10 a.m. I take my bath, eat my meals and go (f)…. school.

Ans: a. of; b. of ; c. in; d. to; e.at; f. to.

3. Make five sentences from the following substitution table. 1*4=4

There : lives :six pen
He : wrote : it
We :are :happy.
I : is : in it.
He : am : a letter.

4. Transform the following sentences as directed. 1*5=5
a. Is Mr. Mazhar not an honest man? (Assertive)
b. Every mother loves her child. (Negative)
c. Monika is one of the most beautiful girl in the class. (positive)
d. Gold is one of the
most precious metals (positive)
e. Never tell a lie. (passive voice)

5. Change the narration of the following sentences. 1*4= 4.
a. My brothe said to me, Go home at once”.
b. He said to me, “Do it now?
c. She said to me, “May you live long”.
d. He said, “what a long journey”!
e. He said, “What a fool I am” !

6. Fill in the gaps using suffix or prefix with words in the list.

comfortable, critcise, employment, argue, patriot

a. I feel…. here. b. He does not tolerate…. c. …. is very acute now a days. d. His…. will not do anything. e. ….. is a noble virtue.
Ans: a. uncomfortable; b. criticism; c. unemployment; d. argument; e. patriotism.

7. Re write the following sentences using punctuation and capital letters. 3

a. many publishers poets poets and writers come here.
b. my father’s name is md. siddikur rahman.
c. i went to visit mazhar.

8. Fill in the blanks with right forms of verbs from the list.
Put them in the correct tenses. Use negatives where necessary.

give, form, to be, live, conquer, advance, succeed, try, work, need

Man ….. a social being. He lives in society….. him security. But it is man who…. society. Man can not live alone. He…… the help of others to survive. So man ….. together in co-operation with one another from time immemorial. He has been….. hard to bring about changes in society. He …. developing society and the condition of his life by dint of his own efforts. He ….. many forces of nature.

Part -B: Writing Test (20 Marks)

9. Suppose, your father has been transferred from Dhaka to elsewhere. Now you will have to be admitted to a school there and need a transfer certificate. Write an application to the Headmaster for a transfer certificate. 8

10. Write a short composition on any one of the following: 12

a. The rainy season. b. Your aim in life. c. Physical exercise. d. Wonders of modern science.

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