Jul 15

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Completing story about Bayazid’s devotion to his mother.

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Devotion to Mother

At once night, the boy Boyazid was busy with studies. His ailling mother was sleeping.suddenly she woke up and asked Bayazid to give her a glass of water.But he found no water in the pitcher.so he went to a distant place to bring water.He came back with water and found his mother asleep.He did not awake her.H was waiting for his mother’s awaking. When it was dawn, Bayazid’s mother awoke.She found her som standing by her bed with a glass of water in his hand.She then realized the fact.She embraced her son and blessed him

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About the author

mazhar 01740163613

Muhammad mazharul islam, B .A (hons in english), M.A(English) , National university.


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  1. Tonima Islam

    Hi,ami 2 ta completing story and 2 ta dialogue paccina.apni pls amke agulo diben pls.
    completing story-
    1.Rona Begum
    2.Rumi Aktar Rina
    1.Finadical form Bangladesh.
    2.Uses and abeuse mobile and phone between two friends

    1. MD Sakib Sardar

      Dialogue ta ami dilam.
      Myself:Hello,Rana.How are you?
      Rana:I’m fine and what about you?
      Myself:I’m fine too.It is long time since I met you last.
      Rana:But we have kept constant contact over mobile phone.
      Myself:Yes this mobile phone has become a very important factor in our life.we can not do without it for a single day.
      Rana:Right.It has reduced uncertainly doubt,anxious waiting and painful suspense.In fact,it has made our life easy and comfortable.
      My self:And it has made our global communication dynamic and faster.
      Rana:But it has some disadvantages too.
      Myself:Right you are.It causes brain tumor,genetic damage and many other incurable diseases.
      Rana:Yes,during conversation ,the blood brain barrier may get damaged,the blood pressure may get high and the red blood cells may get affected.
      Myself:It is also hazardous for the children and pregnent women.
      Rana: The criminals are also carrying out their operations with the help of it.
      Myself: Besides,it causes a lot of harm to the teenagers.They can easily contact with their so called lovers in season and out of season.
      Rana: All these are very true. Though we are getting immence benefits from it,we should use it with care and caution to avoid its demerits.

  2. jahidul

    Story moral soho dile valo hoto, amader akto sobida hoto.



  4. Zaima yeaqin Khan

    His story is good but too short

  5. MD Sakib Sardar

    You are right

  6. Mamun

    Good St

  7. imran


  8. topu

    write a letter to your friend about consequence of telling lie
    ei latter ta keww diba??

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