Nov 19

Mahbub Murad

Critical Analysis of Sheikh Hasina’s interview in BBC’s HARD talk


The paper examines the conversation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s interview with BBC’s HARD talk as well as her ideology. It also justifies the published newspaper article which is based on the conversation and it shows the difference between the published copies with the original conversation. Our endeavor is to explain and analyze the hidden agenda with textual references. The analysis is mainly grounded in Norman Fair Clough’s norms in Critical Discourse Analysis.

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Oct 26

Mahbub Murad

English Model Test for PEC 2014

                                            3rd English Model Test for PEC 2014                                                              

Time: 2:30 hours                                                                    Full Marks:  100


Read the text (EFT-Based) and answer the questions 1, 2 and 3:

The next day, when he opened his eyes, he was unable to move. Half of his body was under the mud. Somehow he managed to stand up. He got back home. He saw his house completely ruined. He didn’t find his grandparents. His sister was missing too. Later their dead bodies were found with many others. He was shocked with grief and pain. Their village became a valley of death. After they buried the dead bodies, Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 22


Fill in the Blanks Without Clues

                                   Close Test Without clues

Complete the following passage using suitable words. Use only one for each gap:-

1. Books are men’s best (a) ——– in life, you may have many good friends, but you do not (b) —— them when you (c) ——- them. They may not always (d) —— to you with sympathy. One or two may (e) —— false and do you much (f) ——. But books are always ready to be your (g) ——. Some books will (h) —— you laugh some others will give you much (i) —–. Again some books will bring new knowledge and ideas. They are your (j) —— friends thought out your life.
Ans: (a) friends/companions (b) find (c) need/want (d) come (e) prove/be (f) harm (g) make (h) make (i) pleasure (j) real

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Sep 14

Mahbub Murad

English First Paper Model Test for JSC 2014

                        JSC English First Paper Model Test  

 Full Marks: 100                                                                                             Time: 2:30 Hours  

                                                                     Section – A (Reading)

                                                                   Reading Test (Seen Passage)

 Read the text and answer the questions 1, 2 and 3: 

Thousands of years ago, the first pearl was probably discovered while human beings were searching for food at the sea shore. Throughout history the pearl with its shine has been one of the most highly valued gems. Pearls have been mentioned many times in religious texts and mythologies from the earliest times. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 11

Mahbub Murad

English First Paper Suggestion for SSC 2015

SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion – 2015


1. Einstein was very simple …….. I have greatly enjoyed the walk.

2. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Empire State Building in New Work, Buckingham Palace ……. Visit the tower annually.

3. Nipa often feels extremely annoyed to walk in the over bridge of Dhaka ……. over flow of rootless people in the cities.

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Sep 05

Mahbub Murad

English Suggestion for PEC 2014

English Suggestion for PEC 2014

Seen Comprehension

a. Life is Beautiful

b. The Liberation War Museum

c. It Was a Great Day!

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Sep 02

Mahbub Murad

PEC English Model Test for 2014

                                            English Model Test for PEC  2014                                                              

Time: 2:30 hours                                                                                                                Full Marks:  100

Read the text and answer the questions 1, 2 and 3:

Bithi loves to read books. But she cannot always buy books for their prices. She has found out that there is a library at their Town Hall and that it has a section on children’s books too. Bithi is very excited. She goes to the library one morning. She goes to the reception counter and asks the lady there, “Good morning, Ma’am! Can I borrow some books from your library?” The librarian smiles at Bithi and says affectionately, “Of course, you can. But to do so, you must become a member of the library first. You must have a library card.” She gives Bithi a card and asks her to fill it out.  Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 29

Mahbub Murad

JSC English Model Test

Model Test for JSC (Writing Part)

Subject: English 1st Paper

1. Suppose you are Abbas and your friend is Abu. Make a dialogue in 150 words between you and your friend on the importance of reading         newspaper.                                                                                                                            10

2. Write a paragraph on `A Tea Stall’ in about 150 words answering the following questions:           10

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Aug 25

hadiul islam

Jsc suggestion 2014

JSC Examination Suggestion – 2014

English 1st Paper

Reading test( question no 1,2 and 3)
1. Oxygen and air pressure are ———————————- enjoyable flight.
2. Ethnic people in Bangladesh —————————– in Mymensingh.
3. Nakshi Katha ————————————————————— on them.
4. The word ‘hygiene’ means ——————————————————–
5. Communication of ideas is at ——————————– changed our life.
6. Human beings conquered ——————– a major accident.
Reading test (question no 4 and 5)

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Aug 23

Mahbub Murad

J.S.C. English Second Paper Model Test-2014

J.S.C.  Model Test-2014

Subject: English 2nd Paper

Time: 2 hours                                                                                                     Full Marks: 50


1. Fill in the gaps of the following text with appropriate articles. Put a cross (×) for zero article:                                                                       0.5×6=3

Money is called (a) ______ fuel of life. Though money is (b) ______ must in our practical life, it cannot ensure all happiness. Happiness lies in (c) ______ contentment. Morality plays (d) ______ important role in this regard. We must exercise morality in all (e) ______ walks of our life for building up (f) ______ corruption free nation.

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